About Local Art Map


Local Art Map's mission is to discover devoted artists, interesting art spots and events in your local area. Our online social community is for art lovers, artists, art organizations to stay connected to each other and share their passion for arts. It is also an accessible online art resources platform for the public to experience the possibilities of the creative imagination. The site is opened for user-generated contents and recommendations. We greatly invite you to get involved and shared with others your knowing and discovering in arts.


What we believe

  • Creativity: Art is a universal language in the world.
  • Openness: Discovering opens the possibility of innovation.
  • Giving: Listen you hear; See you remember; Practice you learn; Teach you understand; Share you glow!


Things to discover @ localartmap

When you visit us, you can find art information in many different cities locally. Of course, there is a lot of information in the world that is not yet available, so we're also working to get more of cities involved and need your contributions to make this site better. We also know that wherever you visit, you want to know what interesting you the most, so our site can be browsed by locations quickly and easily. We are constantly working to provide you with more valuable art contents so that you find the site helpful.

  • Local: Site contents are categorized by location.
  • Art map: Searchable art resource map around the world.
  • Art Resources: List of art schools, museums, studios, galleries...and other more useful resources.
  • Classifieds: Classified board of art class, event, request, for sale, call for entry ads.
  • Video Show: Tips for beginners, students, artists, and everyone. Youtube Video base knowledge is categorized and easy to share with others in different countries.
  • Travelog: Comprehensive articles written by our editors, about their traveling experience and tips.


Things to do @ localartmap

  • Register Account: 100% free for individual and business, Let's start to post here.
  • Add Profile: Create your own profile or share with us your flavor museums, galleries, art supplies in town to our community. Our Art Directory is designed for individuals or organizations by sharing useful information and map content about them or others to drive more viewers to arts services.
  • Post adFree advertising for everyone. Promoting your art classes, hobby classes, coming exhibition opening. Or let our visitors know your competition, artist in residency and call for entry. Are you looking for a studio? Want second-hand art supplies, hiring an assistant? Our marketplace can help visitors find these ads easily and display your event's date to our site calendars.
  • Share Video: Post or share video links with us. Share with us about yourself, artworks, and knowledge by attaching video links.
  • Give us feedback: Do you want your voice on our site? Let others know your brilliant thoughts, or tell us what you think about our site.

So enjoy the site, and get involved to help make this a better place.

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