Chinese Painting

Jiangxi Provincial Museum

This museum consists of three parts of the historic museum, a revolutionary museum, and a natural museum, which is first seen in the country. It situates on a new sand bar that is rounded by the Gan River and Fu River, it lies east to Fu River, south to Zhongshan Bridge, west to Gan River and north to Tengwang Pavilion, which is one of the three famous buildings to the south of the Yangze River.

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Bada Shanren Memorial Hall

This memorial park is located in a Qingyunpu Meihu scenic in south Nanchang. There is a museum inside the park that showcases calligraphic works and paintings of Bada Shan. He is a Ming abstract painter whose real name was Zhu Da. On the premises are the tomb of the painter and a garden graced with a tiny bridge, a gurgling stream, old trees, and bamboo groves.

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