Shaanxi History Museum


The Shaanxi History Museum was set up and opened to the public in 1991. It was first modernized museum in China and the "Education Base of Patriotism." The museum has about than 375,000 objects /sets are collected in Shaanxi including the bronzes of the Shang & Zhou dynasties, the pottery figures of successive dynasties, the gold & silver wares of Tang dynasty and the mural paintings of the Tang dynasty with distinguishing features. The 18 pieces of the national treasures and the 1907 pieces of the first-grade relics are in visitors' good grace.

The building was designed with the Tang style, with over 10 million visitors since opening in 1991. The exhibitions consist of the Ancient Historical Exhibitions of Shaanxi, the Monographic Exhibition and the Temporary Exhibition.

Travel Tips:

1/ Free Admission to the Museum. The number of daily visitors will be limited to 4,000 tickets, to

all for better viewing of the exhibits. One ticket will be issued per visitor with valid ID, valid only for

the day of issuance. It will better to line up and arrive earlier.


Shaanxi History Museum, Xiaozhai
Xi'an Shi 710061 Shaanxi Sheng

34.2255399, 108.9500456

Shaanxi History Museum

Shaanxi History Museum, Xiaozhai
Xi'an Shi
Shaanxi Sheng, 710061

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