The 6th Taiwan International Gold Teapot Prizes 2016

“Fly with Me - II”, Honorable Mention Award (Winged Teapot), “The 6th Taiwan International Gold Teapot Prizes 2016” by Ceramics League of Taiwan, Taiwan.

"To facilitate the development of tea culture and encourage ceramic art to design, create teapots and advance relevant production technologies, Taiwan International Gold Teapot Prizes select teapots of diverse forms and motifs that are both stylish and functional.The 6th Taiwan International Gold Teapot Prizes received 623 submissions from 433 artists from 20 countries. 187 entries were selected based on artistic and functional criteria. In the hands of ceramic artists, the traditional spherical image of the teapot is transformed into motifs of geometric shapes, plants, and animals, among others. Composite materials are also used to create a wide range of visual expressions. With this competition, we continue to bring Taiwan’s rich and unique teapot art into the spotlight in the global arena and to introduce ideas from other cultures into Taiwan’s ceramic art, so that this kind of exchange can stimulate the growth of creative industries."(Source from

Award Opening Ceremony: 2pm, Saturday, October 29th, 2016

Venue: 1F Sunlight Gallery, New Taipei City Yingge Ceramics Museum, Taiwan

Exhibition Period: 2016.10.28~2016.12.11

Organised By: Ceramics League of Taiwan


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