Jingdezhen Ceramic Institute

Jingdezhen Ceramic Institute is one of the thirty-one national universities which has the authority to offer art bachelor degrees and is one of the ninety-four universities that has the authority to offer Chinese Government scholarship to international masters and bachelors. Based on the school of ceramics founded in 1909, the institute was reconstructed and renamed in 1958.

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Fule International Ceramic Art Museums, Fu Ping Pottery Art Village

Fule International Ceramic Art Museums (FLICAM)combines museum and residency services together. Museums are built and designed for different regions. All artworks are made in Fuping and donated by the residency Artists at Fuping.

The Shaanxi Fuping Pottery Art Village Co. Ltd. is the parent company of FuLe International Ceramic Art Museums. It is a joint-stock, grade AAA Credit Enterprise. It consists of a group of international ceramic art museums, fruit orchard, a tile factory, and a 3star hotel.

Art Media
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