Yaozhou Kiln Museum

Yaozhou Kiln Museum

Situated in Huangpu, Tongchuan City, the Yaozhou Kiln Museum is China’s largest ancient kiln theme museum and has both artifact displays and ancient porcelain making simulations. The museum holds over 300,000 artifacts and specimens, most of which were from the ancient Yaozhou Kiln. The kiln was first set up in the Tang Dynasty and became one of the Big Six Kilns in the Song Dynasty. It was known as the “champion of the northern celadon with carved patterns.”

It was later deserted during the end of the Yuan Dynasty and the beginning of the Ming Dynasty, leaving behind it a history of over 800 years.

Travel Tips

1/ Yaozhou Kiln Museum is in the same town as The Ancient Town of Chen Lu, so you might want to spend the morning in the Chen Lu town, take a lunch at the restaurant nearby the Tongchuan bus station, then visit the museum in the afternoon, take a train back to Xian at the late afternoon.

2/ Take about 2-3 hours to visit.


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